Come on MEN!


Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children in the hands of a man in his youth. Psalms 124:7

I am feeling a little frustrated recently with men in our society, specifically Christian men. It seems that every where we turn there are men that are screwing up their lives, families, and marriages. Either sinful situations or just plain selfish, lazy reasons. I am tired of it! COME ON MEN, let’s be the men that God has created us to be and has given us the opportunity to be to our children and wives. It truly is a great responsibility so lets not drop the ball any longer!

More times than not when you talk to someone who is struggling in life they will say that is steams back to a “Daddy issue”. Can we, as men/dads, really make such an impact on the lives of our children today that will affect them for the rest of their lives??? YES! This truth can feel weighty but it can also give us the push needed to do what is right today. To love them abundantly, cheer them on like no one else does, use kind words, disciple them in all things, discipline them when needed, be present often and model what it looks like to follow Jesus. But it seems this truth just isn’t enough to keep some of us on the right path. So what will it take? I think about a young girl that is ruining her life because she is constantly trying to find the approval and affection of a man. I also think about the many conversations I have had with men that are emotionally cut off and still struggling to know who he really is even as an adult. Life is jaded, hopeless, and empty for so many because of that one person that had the chance to make life great for them…Daddy.

What you do today is going to tell the future of your children. You are raising them to either constantly struggle in life and feel stuck in this dark place because of their damaging relationship with Dad, or you are setting them up to be the healthiest person possible. You have the power to lead your son/daughter to be a person that is vibrant, passionate, confident, loving, joyful, strong, caring, self-aware and light-hearted. This will be a person that will love his/her spouse, children, and others well. This will be a person that others are attracted to and accomplish great things in their life. This will be a person that will go far in their career. This will be a person that will look back at life when they are old and are satisfied how they lived. This is the person we all hope our children would grow up to be. This should be one of the top goals and priorities for what we, as men can accomplish in our life!

MEN how can we best serve our families today? By being intentional to live, love, and lead them well, the way our Heavenly Father would be pleased with. It is not too late to start being the Man of God/dad/husband you want to be today. We all have to start somewhere at sometime. Let today be your time and place you start loving your wife, leading your children, and acting selflessly.

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children in the hands of a man in his youth. Psalms 124:7


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