J-Life Leaders Summit, South Africa part 1

Leo (my friend from UWM living in South Africa), Palgrave (from Ghana), and me
Two weeks ago I arrived in another country for the first time. South Africa! I have heard a lot about this place but really had no idea what it was like. All I knew about this country was Nelson Mandela and the rugby movie with Matt Damon. South Africa is an extremely beautiful and wonderful place! It definitely has a different feel than anywhere else in Africa that I have been to but still has a little sense of Africa underneath the initial impressions.


This week I was invited to come to a leaders summit for a new ministry that we are looking at partnering with called J-Life. J-Life focus is raising up indigenous leaders who will passionately pursue the mission of making disciple makers. I don’t know that I have seen any other organization so laser focused on making disciples like these guys. Their vision is clear and their methods are simple and highly effective! They believe that if they can especially disciple the youth of this continent they can reach the entire continent of Africa. They are currently serving in 30+/- countries and doing pretty well. I am excited for the future of United World Mission and J-Life’s partnership. J-Life
J-Life country leaders working on strategies together
While being here in South Africa I have come up with 10 things that I have seen, heard, or experienced that stood out to me this week. When I get the opportunity to travel to a new place I love seeing the differences as well as similarities of other places so making a list of 10 things really helps me with this.
So here they are…
  1. Africa is the most beautiful place in the world to me and I find myself falling in love every time I come back.
  2. No matter what country, region, or tribe you are from, all of us need some close relationships to make life better.
  3. Africans wake up ridiculously early and when they do they are not quiet they immediately get LOUD! Usually with singing.
  4. Africans will willingly give you the shirt off their back if you asked for it or not.
  5. Everybody loves free stuff! No matter what continent you lI’ve on, you love free stuff but Africans appreciate the free stuff more than most.
  6. Africans love you and make you a part of the family within a couple minutes meeting them. They have never meet a stranger.
  7. God is always present no matter where you go in this world. The problem is, the enemy is also.
  8. Africans don’t always do simple things in simple ways. They do it the way their families have always done it.
  9. Africans love to sing and dance no matter what country, culture, or language.
  10. This place and these people are like good medicine for my soul! You should try it sometime too.

    A late afternoon way out away from the city enjoying a long walk

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