Super Heros or Missionaries

(None of these pictures are UWM personnel or ministry sites) 

  I LOVE missionaries! Since the age of 14 I have had a draw to those who are living out there faith in big ways among another culture…why I ask. 

I am standing here in a time of worship with a group of missionaries and I begin to wonder what is it that is so remarkable about them. They truly are amazing people and families, so what is it about them? 

  This is a personal reflection that I have listed out that I thought I would share with you. I share it because I believe that they aren’t some super Christians or more anointed children of the King than anyone of us have the right to, but when you are with them you realize there is something more about them. So, here is what I have noticed…

  • They pursue God all out with their life! 
  • Worship is sweeter to them
  • Prayer is more powerful to them
  • That care deeply for others
  • Their love is not just a theory but an action
  • They are normal people that believe God can use them
  • They have the idea that life is short so enjoy it…they know how to have fun! 
  • They care less about themselves and more about others
  • They see people as those loved by God 
  • They are adventurous
  • They are a bit crazy (in a good way)which leads them in faith not rationalizm 
  • Their joy is attractive 
  • They are steadfast and strong

Missionaries are encouraging, inspiring, and in my mind, resemble Jesus. The hero’s of faith that I look up to and use as guides to who God wants me to be actually have faces and names that the majority of this world will never know…I thank God that I have the previledge of knowing many of them that are true world changers! 


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