Set the date


Dating from the Urban Dictionary:

1. To see someone.
2. To be with someone.
3. To be “together”.
4. The action of doing any sort of various activities to gain acquaintance with someone romantically.

When Lara and I were just teenagers we began dating each other. These are some of the greatest memories that I have. We use to have fun together, eat dinner, drink coffee, walk around parks, sit at the airport and watch planes, and ride around in my Jeep just holding hands. It was awesome! For some reason when people get married, begin having children, and get real jobs they think it is also time to stop dating each other. We believe that this is the exact time that we should be dating one another!

About a week and a half ago in the middle of a busy season of travel, work, and ministry Lara said she needed a date day. What a great idea it was! We dropped the boys off at school, left Elly with someone, and hit the road. We drove up to Black Mountain just outside of Asheville for the day. It was the perfect day. Nice weather. Good food. Shopping.  Hiking. Enjoying the changing leaves. But my favorite time of the whole day was just me and my love sitting at the top of the mountain talking, laughing, and enjoying the view. There was nowhere else I would have rather been in that moment and nowhere else I would rather be right now!


Some may think that it was irresponsible to take a day off in the middle of the week. It absolutely was the right thing to do that day! Going on a date with my wife was just what I needed. The next day at work a friend asked how it was and I told her that it was good medicine. I seriously felt recharged and ready to tackle the world.

The question of dating your spouse is not a question for the RouseHouse. The only questions we have are when is our next date and how often can do this together. We want our marriage to last, be healthy, and be an example to others. To accomplish these goals we must make time to date, talk, laugh, and love on each other! IMG_8186


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