A year later…

Last year about this time a group of 50-60 people gathered at Ridge Church, well what is now Ridge Church, to begin a 30 day fast (click on the link to read more from our pastor Chris Brown). That weekday night this place was just a building under construction and a group of people coming together humbly to ask for God to do what only He can do. We were praying not for the finish product of this really nice facility called Ridge Church but for the people we, Ridge Church, knew God was wanting us to love, serve, and lead to His son Jesus. If the carpets, stage, and walls were torn out you would see those names and groups of people wrote on the concrete floors still today.

Our prayers from that 30 day fast last May:
1. God, Please renew and increase our passion for your mission in this generation. Luke 19:10

2. God, Please give us favor and increase our influence to reach and serve those no one is reaching. 1 Chronicles 4:10
3. God, Please provide for this mission in undeniable and miraculous ways. Luke 11:13
I read back over these three prayers today and say to my self, “who wouldn’t want to be apart of a movement where this is what we, THE CHURCH, are seeking God for!!!” This is a group of people that I am so proud to stand and serve beside.
  • We have seen God provide in miraculous ways, just come visit and you will see what all He has given to us and blessed us with.  
  • He has granted us favor and influence over many more in our community as we continue to serve those in our community and city
  • And the passion for this mission is greater today than it was that day a year ago as we, Ridge Church, are constantly seeking ways to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus. As we pursue this mission lives are being changed radically week after week! We just baptized 7 this week alone!
My prayer today is the same as it was that evening as we stood in this unfinished warehouse, “God do what you only can do with us” Will you please continue to pray for the Rouse House and Ridge Church as we purse our loving Father and the mission He has created us for? 

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