Daddy week

Last week was Spring Break for our children. Much like the past couple of years we try and plan the week around some fun activities. It is a week of family time for the most part so I try to limit how much I work. We do special days with just Mommy or just Daddy, go to the park, hang out with friends, go to the zoo, and anything that we can do together as a family. This week is a really fun and refreshing time for all of us but especially for me. I absolutely love this week with my kiddos!

Towards the end of the week Lara and I noticed Elly (our 2 year old princess) kept repeating something but we could only make out the first word, “Daddy”. Then on Thursday morning I was headed out to the gym before Grey and I spent the day together. Elly started it again but with more of a determination in her voice and head shaking to not let me leave the house. Lara and I asked her, “What are you saying Elly?” and she said those same few words again. This time we got it!

Daddy week, daddy week, no workin, stay home baby, no workin!“…all the while she was shaking her head no and giving me this precious look that can get me to do anything she wants.

Everywhere we went for the next few days she proceeded to let everyone know that this is daddy’s week and daddy was staying home to play with baby (btw ‘baby’ is the name she has claimed to be hers) and is not working. This broken, half way of a sentence filled me with such joy because the highlight in my daughters life was for me to be home spending time with her. At the same time it made me evaluate where my focus in normal weeks were and where my time is spent. What better way could I be spending my days than loving, playing, listening to my family….NONE!

I think God is calling me to more “Daddy weeks”

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity…Ephesians 5:15-16

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