Serving and Creating Community, part 2

Ridge Organizing Bookbags
serve·ice: noun /ˈsərvis/ services, plural / serving, verb
The action of helping, assisting, or doing for someone

When I think about the “church”, God’s people, I think that this should be one of the main pillars of who we are and what we are doing. Serving those around us, those in our world, country, city, and especially in our community. Doing for others, giving of our resources, spending our time investing, using who we are and what we have for the purpose of loving on those that are not in the church and those who are just in need! I think about that popular section of scripture in the beginning of the book of Acts where Jesus says,”…and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all of Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:7b

Let us get started right where we are, our Jerusalem, with the people in our community. I feel like for years and even the past generations we have been talking about what needs to be done and now is the time to do! Church, let us be bothered by the things that bother our heavenly Father and do something about it. Let us be the Gospel in action and take steps to make a difference ! This is where this passion for serving our community has come from in me and Ridge Church. We looked at the community around Piney Grove Elementary School and said something has to happen. We were bothered with the drugs, gangs, poverty, low test scores, challenges, and homelessness of families that is growing just 3 miles from our church. We got together and said that we were not ok that this and something has to change! This something we knew that was going to have to start with the “church”. Ridge decided that we were going to take our time, energy, resources, and volunteers and try to make a difference among this community. As we began making plans and putting it into action we found that others had this same passion but just needed the opportunity to do “something”. As a result we have partnered with 2 other churches in our community to make a lasting difference in the Piney Grove neighborhood. And so, we began by providing book bags and school supplies for the families that would not be able to do this for them self. This seems small but we believe that this first step has truly made a huge impact on families in this community. And the exciting part of is that this is only the beginning!

If we are not making an impact for Jesus in our community, city, and so forth are we really His Church? Are we fulfilling His purpose for our lives? Where can we start? What needs are there? What resources and opportunities has God given us to use to make a real difference?

We are created for good works (Ephesians 2:10) for His glory! Serving is fun,satisfying, and sometimes serving can even bring a sense of meaning to this life! Try it and see what can happen in your community.

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