Serving and Creating Community

photo-10Serving others in our community is one of he most valuable things in my life along with creating spiritual/relational community. With out community in our lives who is going to listen, love, and help lead us week after week, year after year, and season after season of life. I believe that we were created to be relational and if we don’t have the relation aspect in life then we will ultimate feel less fulfilled. I want to share over the next few blogs about the latest opportunity my family and I had to “serve” our community and how that in its self built community in lives.

I have been working on putting a project together this summer and it just took flight this week. I have been working with Ridge Church, New Charlotte Church, and others to provide 600 bags full of school supplies for children at Piney Grove Elementary that are among some of the neediest in our area. This is one of the first steps we are taking this year to see a difference in this community. Simple and easy way to connect people.

I really wanted to take this first blog to share some of the responses and excitement from the families, teachers, and volunteers of that evening. It was an amazingly touching night. More details of the actual project to come later. It was a fun and exciting event that will produce life change over and over.

So, here is what we heard from parents, kids, teachers, and administration that evening when we passed out these book bags:

“FREE? Really!”

Brother, “I got a free back pack!” Sister: “Me too! and mine is BRAND new!” They then sat down on the sidewalk so they could see what was inside. It looked much like a Christmas morning. Sister: “Look everything in new, like never been used! Notebooks, paper, and even pencils!” Mom stands over them with a big smile.

Teacher, “Wow! this is amazing! How did you get so many book bags and why?”

Administration, ” What a blessing, what a blessing, what a blessing. Thank you so much. You have no idea what this will mean.”

Principal, “This is amazing! We appreciate your help! We love you Ridge Church.”

Councilor, “A parent said to me after they got a book bag with supplies ‘Did you know that they gave us a new book bags and school supplies…for FREE!’ They are making a difference!”

“I love my backpack! It looks cool.”

“I bought my daughters school supplies but I haven’t been able to buy my boy’s yet.” Volunteer, “He can come get a book bag and school supplies here for free.” Mom, “Really, thank you so much.”

“Hot-dogs too!!”

Administration, “Speechless”

“I saw the kids faces and you don’t know what this real means to these families…my family. I love Ridge Church”

Volunteer responses:

5th grade kid from Ridge, “This is so much fun! It just feels good too.”

“Man, I love this kinda stuff!”

“If I could have a job doing this all day everyday…That would be great!”

“better than I thought!”

“How cool is this!”

“I have already teared up once and I just got here”

“What an awesome day!”

Teenager, “Can I go give that kid a hot-dog and book bag!?”

“This is the best way I could think of ending the summer!”

“I feel so blessed to be apart of this!”

Mac, my son, “I love serving and giving to others. This is fun!”

“What is the next project we can serve at here at Piney Grove?!?!”

Hearts were touched, and we were able to take one step closer to seeing real life change here in the Piney Grove community!

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