Week 4 of Spanish in Costa Rica

12642_166109457757_694427757_2799761_7407941_n-2Estoy en morada! I am Home!!! I finally made it home on Saturday night at 10pm. I was so good to see Lara and the boys. I have had a couple of good days getting reacclimated to life in the US, family, and cold weather. After waking up sick and cold the past few mornings I realized that I have to move back south, way south.

This last week of school was great! I learned a lot and found that I had made some great friends. We finished a entire semester in just four weeks. The regular 4 month(semester) students said that we were crazy and after doing it I think they are right. My brain really did hurt at the end everyday. I am nowhere near being fluent but I feel that I am much further along than where I began. I feel like I at least have the basics now. In my grammar class I finished with a 90(A) and in conversation I finished with a 98. I think that they grade on a giant curve.

I still believe that this month was more than just a time for me to learn Spanish. It was time for the Lord to speak and move in our lives and ministry. The word became more clear and faith was strengthened daily. After living in the culture and with the people for this time I have to admit that I feel stronger than ever about the Lord leading us to move to Panama. It was like I felt at home. It was comfortable and natural to me. Maybe the Lord wanted to give me a taste of what life might be like for us to help me keep my eyes on the goal or to give me a little more peace about leading my family there. Either way I enjoyed ever bit. I can’t wait tho see what the Father has in store for us next!

¡Gracias a todos ustedes por sus oraciones y apoyo para hacer esto posible para mí! Yo alabo a Dios todos los días para usted! Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support in making this happen for me! I praise God every day for you!

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