Primero Semana de Clase de Espanol

¡Glory A Dios! The first week of class is over and I feel completely overwhelmed. I have enjoyed the class and living amongst the Latin culture. I am living with a traditional Tico(Costa Rican) family in a small neighborhood out side of San Jose. I have nothing but Spanish spoken to me and some how I have figured out how to get by. It is suprising how much I have been able to understand after only a week of living here. It really helps that I spend all of my free time conversating with my Tica Mama.

My days consist of getting up early, getting ready and eating breakfast with Mama. I then start my homework of studying words and verbs before I walk to school in the afternoon. It almost feels as though I am reliving my elementry years over. I have a mom that makes all of my meals, washes my clothes, packs my lunch, and makes me snacks(coffee) while I study. I go to school, talk with friends, and have to clean my room daily. The simple life but wierd. When I am finished with my studies if that is possible, I walk around the neighborhood meeting new friends and hanging out until dark. I have made a friend with the local neighborhood gaurd that sits in front of my house daily and with a Greengo from Virginia that lives across the street. Yes he is a Hokie!!!! One of God’s gifts to me. 🙂

I have two classes. One is for grammer and yes I am just as bad in Spanish grammer class as I am in English grammer class. My other class is Conversation. We have to write stories about our families, houses, and life here in Costa Rica and then talk to the class about them. Whats tough about that class is that we have to ask and answer questions about our presentations. Also, none of my teachers speak English. I was shock on the first day when the teachers announced that they “no hablo ingles” but it really is not that bad.

Life is simple, quient, relaxing at times, and fun. I could definitly see my family and I living somewhere like here and enjoying it. “God is using the circumstances in your life to prepare you to accomplish His plan for your life.” Andy Stanley, Visioneering. If you could keep praying for Lara and the boys!!! I miss them so much as I know they miss me too! Keep me in your prayers as well as I am learning Spanish for the glory of the Lord and for his Kingdom. Pray for my mind and ears to understand, my mouth to speak it, andmy heart to fill it. Ephesians 6:19 “Pray for me that the utterance may be given to me, that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the goespel.”

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