Beginning Spanish

God is so good to us! Upon returning a week and a half ago from Panama the Lord laid on my heart for me to have more trainning in the Spanish language so that I can be more effective in ministry. If we are going to live some where that speaks Spanish then I thought that it might do me some good to have a better handle on the language. Lara and I started praying about what to do. We knew that I did not have much time and that we were going to be traveling a lot over the next 6 months. After googling the internet for an hour I found a Spanish language school in Costa Rica that is tailored for missionaries and it has many short intensive coarses available. It looked like the right fit for me.

After looking at our schedule and money we realized that we had to leave it in the Fathers hand because we were short on both. October was the only month that I could have done this very short intensive coarse so we prayed, Father if it is your will and time then make it clear and provide the resourses.” That seems to be the one of many common prayers in this stage of our life. After only telling a very small group of friends about this with no intentions or expectations it all came together.

We needed $1000 for the school, $350 for room and board, and about $300 in other fees and misc. God provided almost all of it in a matter of 2 days!!! Even after that amazing answer to prayer I still was not sure if this was suppose to go or not. I know I can be a bit hard headed. Lara being the most amazing, God fearing, wonderful wife and partner in ministry told me that I had to go because God has provided and that was that. Inspite of us being apart for a month and the sacrifice that was going to have to happen on so many levels for our whole family I left one day before classes started for Costa Rica.

I have only been hear for 2 days but it has been so great! It maybe one of the hardest things that I have ever had to go through mentally but it also one of the most effective things that we have done for our ministry. Praise God for the opportunities and for the people in our lives that believe in us and our ministry! Glory a Dios!/Glory to God!

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