He is already at work!

IMG_0312Talk about the pressure being on! Our first time in Africa Lara and I worked in an all Muslim city. We were a little nerves the first day of evangelism but our morning devotion was from Acts 10. It gave us a little more hope for the day. God went before Peter to prepare hearts and so I prayed but not fully believed that God would go before us.

Later that day a lady walked up to me on the streets and she looked right in my eyes. She did not look to friendly and she began to speak loudly and I knew she was talking about me. My translator said that she had a dream about a big, white man coming to her city and he was coming to tell her something that was going to save her life. She believed that this dream the night before was from Allah and she said I had better tell her this story that I was telling everyone else on the street. I looked around and realized that I was the only big, white guy in this city so I pulled out my EvangeCube and shared the story of Jesus with her. She asked accepted Christ right there and went away smiling. I know now that it is His work and He is just letting me be apart of it. God is at work in hearts all around this world and He gives us the privilege to introduce the spiritually blind to Him so they can too have sight.

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