Praying for Spiderman PJ’s

DSC0369 copy-2We have been talking a lot about prayer with Mac and Grey and I think that Mac is actually starting to get it. He normally prays that God will bless all of his friends, family and all of the people at Ridge church and on special occasions he will throw in all the people of the world. But, the other day at Target it became a little more personal. He saw some Spider Man PJ’s and he asked if he could have them but his mommy said not today. When she turned back to see where he was he had his head buried in the PJ’s. Lara fully thought that he was pouting because he was not getting his way and said “Come on”. Little did she know, he was being more spiritual than that. Mac picks his head up and proceeds to break his mothers heart while he says,”but mommy I was praying for these Spider Man PJ’s”.

While it wasn’t the most spiritual or selfless prayer it was still a blessing to us. He is at least understanding that when he has a need the best options is to ask Jesus. My prayer is that when I am in need I would have the immediate, child like faith that my son had when he was praying for those Spider Man PJ’s. When we don’t hold back and we get just as honest as we can with God in prayer I think that He is most pleased.

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