What’s the Rousehouse up to this summer?

July has been a heavy month emotionally. To be completely honest it has been a difficult time for our family but we are trusting in the fullness of the Lord to take care of us. We were planning on being in the US this month to see family, friends and ministry partners as well as take a very anticipated vacation to the beach. Instead, we planned a couple shorter getaways here in Uganda. There is no beach, unfortunately, but there are some pretty spectacular natural beauties in this country. It’s also an adventure in just traveling to these places. 

Spanky and Lara: Lara and I went away for a long weekend with our friends, Smooth and Kelly, to an area of the country we had never visited. We travelled about 9 hours away to the Kibale Forrest in the western portion of Uganda. We simply relaxed, laughed, ate good food, stayed up late, and swam in one of the 88 crater lakes (A crater lake is a former volcano that has filled with fresh water…so we went for a dip in a volcano!). 

Family trip: Then Lara planned a family trip to the Murchinson Falls area of the country which is about 8 hours north west of our town. We stayed at some friends lodge which was a beautiful, quiet safari camping lodge for 4 days. One day we took a game drive (safari), another day we drove to the top of the Murchinson Falls, and most of the other times you could find us sitting by the pool listening to music and playing games. You can check out some pretty cool pictures from our trip by clicking —> here.

Community on high alert: This month many of you know that we have had some very serious home invasions around Jinja. They have all been focused on expats like some of our friends. We have upped our security, been more alert (less sleeping), and even created a safe room and emergency plan, just in case. We pray daily for the Lord’s army of angles to surround us!

Recently we have been noticing a few things that are quiet normal here but might be a little unusual from what you would experience in America. 


Elly visits the local supermarket weekly just to play with the kittens that are running around the shelves.
Grey’s been enjoying learning how to play tennis these days

Ministry and life is not what it use to be here but we are learning a new normal. Our ministry is definitely more personal as we are feeling our days with individual conversations, dinners with families at their homes, and working to figure out how we can have home groups instead of large church gatherings. We are anticipating the day we can get back into remote villages to serve and volunteering as a family to help meet others needs. Until then, we are doing the next right thing by encouraging people that God puts in our paths and keeping our eyes open to those opportunities that are right in front of us. 

Please join us in prayer:

  • The kids and Lara will be starting school back this month
  • Please continue to pray for safety. Lord send your army of angles to surround us!
  • Awareness of the opportunities the Lord wants us to step in during this time
  • Praise the Lord for time away and a vacation
  • Financial support and stableness
  • Our friends, neighbors and church members that are struggling with finances and food during this time
  • Our families mental, emotional and spiritual healthiness during this time
  • Spanky is finishing up his schooling and hours for Life Coaching

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