Ugandan Lockdown & Our Children’s Thoughts

It has been a few weeks since our last update but not much has changed. As for Uganda, there are 489 cases and 79 of these have recovered fully. Most of our cases, around 400 are truck drivers from neighboring countries that are sent back to their home country when tested at the boarder. Thankfully we have NO official deaths from COVID-19 yet!!! 

The biggest problem currently is the lack of income and food for most local families. We meet people everyday on the street, strangers stopping by our house, or through our church that have not eaten in days. Our biggest impact currently is by providing basic necessities like food and soap to families. It’s life or death for some during his time. This season of life makes us really think twice about our true wants and needs. 

Our family is holding on here in Jinja during this time of lockdown. It really isn’t that bad but we definitely have days when we are ready to throw our hands up and wave that white flag.  We just finished week 10 of this lockdown which means it has been 10 weeks since we have driven cars, road on motorcycles, been to restaurants, had normal busy schedules, gone to church, held gym classes, and seen more than a handful of people in a day. We are over this! We are likely to have some changes come this week which makes us happy!

As for the Rousehouse kids, we wanted you to hear from them. 


We are still in great need of your financial support. We are dependent on generous people like you back home in America to partner with our family. Your generosity helps us in providing food for families, serving the Sole Hope staff during this time, and partnering in many ways with Jinja Town Church who is having the greatest impact on hundreds of families a week that are in need. 

This time is not what we had dreamed and hoped it would be, but we still believe that God brought us here and is using us and this situation for His good and kingdom. He is not done with us in Uganda!!!

We need you to stand with us and say a prayer for us during this time! Here are a few items:

  • Praise the Lord, Spanky’s ankle is almost healed up!!!
  • Safety, peace, and general calmness here in Uganda
  • The Lord’s working in our hearts and lives during this time
  • No missed opportunities during this season – His vision and purpose
  • The Lord’s quick and perfect victory over COVID-19
  • Uganda’s and the World’s Economy
  • Our families mental, emotional and spiritual healthiness during this time


The best way to be sure you don’t miss an update during this crazy time would be to follow our blog or one of our social media outlets. – Mac’s Instagram

One thought on “Ugandan Lockdown & Our Children’s Thoughts

  1. Thanks for posting the video where your kids express thoughts on how COVID is affecting them. Loved getting to know their personalities. We love you guys. We are proud of you and we are praying for you.


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