Making the Most of Life

IMG_7034Last weekend we spent time with some new friends Richard and Sue. They have this amazing bungaló out on the Nile River away from town that is picturesque. They invited us for dinner after a long and draining week and we left that night feeling refreshed. Richard and Sue have lived as missionaries in Africa for nearly 30 years with there 3 children and don’t seem to regret a moment of it. They are full of joy, hope and wisdom and love to share it with those of us that are just newbies to this life. They share stories of how God has provided radically, 1000’s of pastors they have equipped, communities they have impacted greatly, and dreams of what God still has for them to be a part of. Their faith is big and it’s contagious to say the least. After an evening with this “hero” like couple, Lara and I begin to think, maybe we aren’t crazy. Just maybe, we are exactly where the Lord wants us today. Hopefully, one day we will sit with a young couple and tell them of all of the miracles, lives changed, and goodness we have seen the Lord do. We might be crazy (somedays a little, other days a whole lot) but we are going to keep faithfully stepping where He leads, loving others, and pointing people to the Father.

We have been visiting and following up with the top 10 schools with the worse cases of jiggers in 2019. So far, we are seeing a huge drop in the numbers of jiggers compared to last year! #Hope


All three kids had to be treated for Bilharzia this month. It’s one of those weird tropical parasites that you get from swimming in water from the Nile River or Lake Victoria. It makes you feel yuck, tired, and dizzy. Thank the Lord we are all still malaria free and that everyone is doing good now!



We checked the PO Box and BOOM it was Christmas in February! We love getting Christmas cards to pin up in our kitchen and enjoy all year long.


Nana and Pawpaw came to visit! Everyone loved spending time with them and for the opportunity to share our life in Uganda with them. We also love the treasures they brought along to share!


We found a real, legit Mexican restaurant in Kampala! Love at first bite!


Hot, dry season has arrived in Uganda but no worries, we found a pool!


Hanging out with friends is what our weekends are all about.



Mac started his first job. He is a coffee barista at the local coffee shop on Sunday afternoons. He has surpassed dad in his coffee making skills!




Ugandan fast food = roasted banana = yummy!



Bible study is going really well. It is fully Ugandan lead now! We are praying about how to start two additional groups with other staff through out the week.


The boys with some smiles!


The ladies enjoying life, even when one of them really wished she had some dramamine while on that local fishing boat.



Jinja Sweat is busting at the seems in both classes! We have around 35 people showing up regularly to get healthy and build community while we sweat together!



A picture is worth a thousand words…This picture screams only one emotion…JOY!


Ways to be praying with us this month:

  • Protection…physical, spiritual, and over our relationships
  • Travel plans and the impact of the coronavirus
  • Increased favor with our staff and those in our community
  • Strong community of friends and encouragers in our lives
  • Sole Hope 5K Fundraiser. If you want to run virtually click on the link below SoleHopeDenimDash5KandFunRunandVIRTUAL5K
  • Our new car still needs some work done on it
  • For Jinja Sweat: healthy bodies and community – Needing to raise funds to build a shelter and floor
  • Increased vision and passion for the work God is calling us to here


  • We had a good visit with Nana and Pawpaw
  • We had a new church send us a gift to help pay for our car repairs
  • The Lord is continuing to protected us from Malaria!
  • It seems like Sole Hope is moving in a great direction and is serving villages here in Uganda really well
  • We really sense a community of friends is growing around us!
  • It’s been dry!

How can you partner with us:

  • Pray Pray Pray
  • Have your church partner with us and Sole Hope through hands on events like shoe cutting parties and more. Sole Hope, Get Involved
  • Come visit us! or bring a team to visit and experience Sole Hope and Uganda
  • Share with others. We would love for others to have the opportunity to be a part of this mission and Sole Hope
  • Be generous. We regularly need new monthly financial partners Give Monthly
  • Give a special gift ($20-$2,000) to support the work here in Uganda Special gift


Believe me, YOU WANT TO FOLLOW along on our social media pages! So many fun adventures, stories, and pictures. – Mac’s Instagram

*Please go and follow Sole Hope to see the Hope of Jesus in action and the impact local Ugandans are having on communities and in people’s lives! – Sole Hope

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