Finding our place, rhythms, and people

It has been 9 weeks since we have landed here in Jinja, Uganda. Somedays it feels like we have been here for 9 months and other days it feels like we just got here yesterday. So far, we are really enjoying life in Jinja. It is feeling like home. We are making new friends, finding our rhythms in life, learning more and more everyday about Ugandan life, as well as how to connect well with Sole Hope! There are really awesome days and some not so awesome days but regardless we are learning to remember to focus on what we have to be thankful for and that usually changes our perspective pretty quickly.


Lara and I are starting to get a feel for how the Lord wants to use us here within Sole Hope. In Uganda and many African nations it takes some time of relationship building before people truly let you in and trust you. We think that the Lord is giving us favor already with this. In September we started a bible study/small group in our home on Wednesday nights with the shoe makers and tailors at Sole Hope. The first night we were expecting to have 6 people attend but ended up with 17! Most people have continued to come each week and have began opening up more and more. We are getting plugged in, in a variety of ways and believe that we are exactly where the Lord wants us for this season of life! By the way, Sole Hope is even more awesome than we thought they were! We love these staff!!!img_4459

Last month on a Friday afternoon we had a staff party for all of Sole Hope. Everyone got off work early for the day and headed down to the river. We ate chicken on a stick (everyone’s favorite roadside snack), chapatis (thick tortilla like cakes), fresh fruit, drank sodas and then played a big soccer (or as the call it here football) game between the staff. Let’s just say it gets serious but was so much fun!

Kids are doing well! School is going well for the boys at home and Elly is enjoying her time being social at her international school. We are so thankful that they have all found a good group of friends

Mac’ took an official Barista training course this month to gain credits for school and for fun. He rocked it!

Grey is one of the main attractions at the Sole Hope clinics in the villages. Maybe it is the long hair and white skin or maybe it is because he is the best foot washer around! It is unbelievable how he gets on his knees and scrubs tons of kids muddy feet each week with ease and confidence.


Elly loves meeting new people, talking with her friends, painting her red dirt stained nails, and holding babies at church. She is like no other, for sure!img_4493

Lara had a birthday this past month. We celebrated her by heading a short distance out of town, having breakfast on the gorgeous Nile River, relaxing and taking it easy, and watching the sunset with friends at our favorite local burger spot (also on the Nile River).

Ways to be praying with us:

  • Healthy bodies and protection from sickness
  • Friendships and community for all 5 of us
  • Influence and favor with Sole Hope Staff and Volunteers
  • Wisdom and direction in ways to have the greatest impact
  • Emotional, mental, and spiritual healthiness – the enemy is wanting to attack daily
  • Our car to be running properly. We only have one and it’s been causing us problems multiple times a week
  • Work permits to be approved with no issues this month. We have had some delays and challenges. 


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*Please go and follow Sole Hope to see the Hope of Jesus in action and the impact local Ugandans are having on communities and in people’s lives! – Sole Hope



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