Rousehouse June Update 2018

Spanky’s Birthday Dinner


Summit 2018 (short term team) – Our Summit team has been so much fun! They are a great group of young leaders and have gotten along well with each another. Despite different cultures, backgrounds, and languages they quickly became a very close group. They have been involved in Bible classes, a variety of workshops, serving at multiple ministry sites, visiting partnering churches, and enjoying the sights and adventures around Cape Town. They have 2 more weeks before they head back home. We are really going to miss them a lot!


Year Resident Program – It has been almost 2 months since Lara and I have began leading East Mountains’s resident program. It has been tough work but deeply meaningful. We truly love the opportunity to lead, serve, care for, and love these young adults! These 10 people are so life giving to us and we love sharing our life with them. We can not wait to see all that the Lord is going to do in them and through them over these last 6 months of the program.

Coach Zach and Zuzu being great role models to some kids that have grown to love them!


Helder Valley Community – The kids are so excited for the holiday coming up. The end of second term begins next week and it is a long break for them. To celebrate, our church and our family took them to the Cheetah Outreach where you can learn about all kinds of animals and even pet Cheetahs! It was a blast. Once in a life time opportunity for many of these children.

Helder Valley Community Centre
Marlyn’s dance class is so much fun!



Family – This past week Elly told us that she was really glad we moved to South Africa. This was a first and surprised us in a good way. Everyone is doing really well. School is out for the Rousehouse, so we are trying to take advantage of the time off by going to the beach when the Lord blesses us with a sunny day, hiking Table Mountain, spending time with friends, staying up late, and enjoying new hobbies like surfing and playing guitar. It is kind of weird for everyone to have our “summer break” in the middle of winter but we are making the best of it until we come visit next month. Bring on the warm temperatures!!


We are leaving for the US on July 4th and have a busy schedule once we land but are excited about seeing many of you. Unfortunately for us we know we will not be able to see each person but looking forward to visiting with as many as we can.

Our schedule while we are in the US looks something like this:

July 6th-8th we will be in Charlotte recovering from Jet-lag and saying hello to a few people.

July 8th we will be at Vision Church in Gastonia

July 9th – 21st  We will be traveling to visit family from both sides

July 22nd – We will be at our home church, Ridge Church in Matthews, NC

July 23rd – 31st – Mac is going to youth camp with Ridge Church, we will be meeting with some existing supporters as well as a few potential new ones, visiting with friends, enjoying family time, collecting many necessities from Amazon and Target to take back with us, packing, and eating as much Mexican food as possible!


August 1st – We leave to head back to our home in South Africa

Prayer Needs for June:

  • Travelling to the US and the busy schedule once we arrive home. Also, be praying for all of the emotions the 5 of us will experience from coming and going again.
  • Continued healthy financial support
  • That our children at the Helder Valley Community Centre will enjoy their time off and be safe
  • Praying that this second half of the year will be healthy and life giving to the residents of East Mountain
  • Rest. Renewed Passion. Clarity and Wisdom. Peace over all the responsibilities we are leaving here in South Africa.

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