1 family + years of serving = 1000’s of disciples

turkanamummaI have the privilege of working with some amazing hero’s of the mission world…as I am sure you have heard me say many times by now. When I am with them or hear their stories  I am constantly blown away by the impact they have by simply answering the call to “go”. Being present with people, loving the unloveable, caring for the needy, and living a life that reflects Jesus is all it takes to make a great impact among the nations.

One of these couples that are making this kind of impact are Mark and Annemarie Dye. They have lived in Africa for much of their lives and currently reside in Kenya. They know how to love people, teach the bible, and disciple new followers…they do this with a remarkable joy as well! I usually describe them to others as the people I want to be like when I grow up, and I mean that wholeheartedly. They embody so much of what I believe it takes to be hero’s of the faith, servant leaders, and lovers of people – world changers!

They lived with their 3 boys for many years in the northern area of Kenya with the Turkana tribal people before moving to Nairobi where they now live. While being there they simply began sharing the Gospel and discipling new believers. Today there are over 15o0 believers and the church is still growing. You can watch this powerful, short video of Mark telling the story of what God is doing among this people group today by clicking the link below.

The Turkana Story

When I watch this video I am reminded of how blessed I am to serve alongside missionaries like this. Thank you to all of you who financially partner with the RouseHouse and pray for us regularly. God is doing a great work around His world and He has chosen to allow us (all of us) to play a part!

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