Decorating for Christmas


One of the funniest nights of the year for us is when we get to decorate for Christmas. We get all of the decorations our of storage, go pick out a christmas tree, and of course Pandora’s Mariah Carey’s (don’t judge) Christmas station playing in the background.

First, the boys and I (Spanky) get the stand on the tree. Usually it is a big ordeal to get it to stay standing upright and not leaning, but not this time. We got it in one try and there were no bad words said. That’s a win!

The girls are in the house rearranging the furniture and putting up other Christmas decor like stockings, candles, and snowmen. After getting the tree in the house it is all hands on deck putting lights and ornaments on the tree. Usually, Elly finds one spot near the bottom of the tree where she has every single ornament of hers hanging. The rest of us are reminiscing over each ornament since they all have some kind of meaning while spreading them around to compensate for Elly’s overload on that one single branch.

Next, big bro Mac, reads the Elf On The Shelf while we chomp down on one of our new Christmas favorites. Peppermint Joe Joes! Trader Joes has these oreo like cookies that have peppermint cream in the middle (Joe Joe’s) and they are delicious. Thanks Mere Greer for introducing us to them!

We finish the night off by watching Christmas movies and cuddling on the couch. ahhh!

Sounds like a fairy tale kind of evening and it really is. Not every night or moment is this magical, believe me, it gets pretty out of control around the Rouse House some days. I say that because most blog writers, to me seem like they only want you to view into their life and see the fun light heart moments. We all know that life just aint that whimsical all the time. You know what I am talking about. Like those days when the stuff hits the fan, or the unexpected bill come in, or that person frustrated you one too many times. That’s how much of our lives are lived but I think that when we cherish those special times like decorating for Christmas, it can make life seem that much sweeter. Focusing on the blessings we already have not being so preoccupied with need to get or fix is the way to enjoy the moments in life.

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