East Mountain – Cape Town, South Africa

This is just one of the many ministries that I have the privilege of working alongside at United World Mission. They are literally changing how the church is looking and serving all over Africa!


East Mountain is a UWM ministry dedicated to developing Christian Leaders for global missional service. We accomplish this by inviting future and current pastors, missionaries, biblical scholars and para-church leaders to participate in relationally driven, community-centric, multi-cultural learning environments. Programs seek to integrate development in the areas of spiritual formation, theological education and practical leadership skills.


The need for leadership development in churches, mission organizations and theological institutions has never been more evident. Some of the current realities show that:

  • Eighty-five percent of churches in the world are led by men and women who have no formal training in theology or ministry.
  • If every Christian training institute in the world operated at 120 percent capacity, less than 10 percent of the unequipped leaders would be trained.
  • Eight out of ten nationals who come to the west to receive training never return home.
  • Leaders from every non-Western region say their number one need is leadership training

East Mountain leadership’s experiences in the local church, on the mission field and in the seminary confirm this picture of the great need for for Leadership Development.


  • Holistic Development – integrated development in the areas of spiritual formation, biblical theology and practical competency.
  • Community Centric – all training occurs in the context of a Biblical Community rather than a classroom or institutional setting.
  • Partnership – East Mountain leverages the programs of existing partner organizations to deliver world-class theological training and real world ministry internships.
  • Shared Influence The East Mountain community is multi-cultural and teaching responsibilities are shared by Africans and Western Christians.


East Mountain impacts leaders, organizations and communities.

  • Leaders – Future and current leaders are developed for more effective Christian service.
  • Organizations – Churches, Mission agencies, Seminaries and Non-profits who send and receive East Mountain participants benefit from the influence of equipped leaders.
  • Communities – East Mountain participants are people of influence who go back to their home contexts and to bear fruit through relationships in their homes, neighborhoods, workplace and cities.
  • Capetown, South Africa – We also impact the Capetown context by serving in partnership with churches and non-profits seeking to bless the city in a multitude of ways.

For more visit http://eastmountain.tv/

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