what and who

I origianly labeled this blog…Successful Life…but then began going through my thoughts and felt it needed a more simple approach. I may not have made my ideas and words as clear and simple as the title but hopefully you can see my heart.

Many of us are trying or have spent much of our lives trying to figure out – what is my purpose, what was I created to do, or how can I make an impact?  In the church world we say, “What is my calling” as if God picked up His phone and dialed us up. We all do this, right! In high school it is all about where I am going to college, so that I can get the best degree, so that I can have this most profitable career, so that I can achieve this goal or that. I think this kind of thinking leads us to spend most of our lives looking at the “what”.

So what if the “what” is not the right question we should be asking. Is there some other goal that we should have our focus fixed on. What if there is a more important question we should be asking. A question that if answered, just might help with figuring out the “what”‘s we are so bent to answer.

One of my best friends and person of wisdom in my life, Jake Greer, and I use to have this time called broffee. It is where brothers meet for coffee and talk about life and God. I say use to because life has become so busy that it had to fall off the radar for a season. That seson better be over because broffee time is something that we all need if we realize it or not. It keeps us going in life and helps us in seeing God as he truly is when are blinded by the days around us.

About a year ago at broffee time we were talking about this question of “what are we called to or to do”.  We realized through the conversation that maybe we were focusing on the wrong question. Don’t get me wrong, the “whats” in my life are good things more than not. They are possibly all God things in our life but maybe they shouldn’t be first question we try to answer correctly. The question I believe to hold even more importance isn’t a “what” kind of question it is a “who”. See “what” refers to something I can do or chase after with my life. “Who” is the modeling, shaping, and filling of God in my life. These other questions in life are pointless and can distract me to a point of missing it all together if I am not becoming “who” he has created me to be. Jake and I decided that morning that we have to allow God to make us “who” he wants, called, and created us to be before he can use us to do the “whats” we are so passionate about.


Who does God want me to be? You could even say He has called, like supernatural purpose in life called us all to be someone specific. I believe that we just might get to those “whats” in life quicker and easier if we simply answer the, “Who does God want me to be?”. When our focus is off of our world around us He can do great things through and with us.

1. Who has God called me to be?
We are all going to become someone but who?
2. Then and only then, what has God called me to do with my life?
Gods waiting to give or show me the “whats” in life but he is waiting on me to accomplish the first questions.

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