Dude where is my wife’s car???

As many of you already know we had something happen to our family this week that we never thought would happen. Our car was stolen in broad day light. Lara, her mom, Grey, and Elly were shopping at one of her favorite stores, Hobby Lobby. When Lara had her back turned someone reached under Elly while she was in the shopping cart and took her wallet. That’s when they found her key to the car and proceed to leave my family at Hobby Lobby with no car.

When Lara calls me to come bring her a key because she thinks someone may have stolen her wallet she had no idea that her car was missing too. As I arrive we then learned that we could not find her car in the parking lot because her parking space was currently empty. Now we are in a full state of shock. Really?!?! It is 2:45 on a Tuesday at Hobby Lobby, which my mom said, “Hobby Lobby, I thought only good christian people shopped there! haha

We called the police and waited on the sidewalk in front of the store. While waiting we realized that Greyson was a little upset. With a few tears and a tight grip on us I saw that this was a good time to talk about what we read in the Bible the night before. See Grey was remembering all of those things that were still in the car like his brand new coat, Nintendo DS, DVD players, and toys. Lara and I still couldn’t believe that someone would still our car but now we began recounting what was in the car too. The Christmas gifts Lara was returning or exchanging like jeans, shoes, cloths and then there was the $250 in cash she was taking to the bank when she left the store, $150 in multiple gift cards we received from Christmas, new makeup and perfume, 2 car really nice car seats, and plenty of other smaller things that mainly Lara had got as gifts.

We now are beginning to feel why Greyson is getting upset but going back to the night before, we began reading in the book of Job. If you don’t know in Job chapter 1 you get a good picture of just how wealthy this man Job was. It actually says that he is the most wealthy man in the east and he had a huge family, which is another good indicator of just how blessed he was. So Satan believes that if God will allow Job to loose everything he will not remain faithful to God but will instead curse God. God knew Jobs heart so he allowed his positions to be gone, his servants all gone, and even his 7 sons and 3 daughters were killed all in one day. Here is what I was wanting to remind Grey about, Job gets frustrated but immediately begins to worship God in the middle of the worse day of his entire life. When we got home and told Mac about the day and then reminded him how this was similar to Jobs worse day he said, “hey! this is like Job so maybe we should just worship.”

Even in the middle of the storms and when we are in territory we have never experienced remember our God is faithful! Life is going to be crappy and times are not going to make sense but He is going to take care of us. I like the words of wisdom from Job at the end of chapter 1,“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

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