Risk Takers

I am reading and studying through the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan with our community group. Every week we go through a chapter, talk about it and see how we can apply it to our lives. It is making a difference in everyone of us. This week I am reading in chapter 8 and I came across this section called “Risk Takers”. Interesting, intriguing, and gut checking for sure!

The author begins this section by asking a question, “Haven’t we all prayed a prayer like this,”. He then goes on to this prayer that sounds a bit shallow, spiritually immature but familiar. It is all about me being safe NO matter what. It’s a prayer that many of us pray daily as we get in our car or before a vacation or mission trip. Does God care about our safety or protection? Yes. Of course. But is that His ultimate goal or desire? NO WAY!

God’s ultimate goal, desire, and priority is not safety. It’s His glory! And for Him to get maximum glory it sometimes means we will have to be in uncomfortable situations, pain, and even danger. But are we willing to allow any of those in our life or do we just simply want to play it safe? Would our life really look any different if God wasn’t apart of it? Are we playing it safe? Do we give, serve, love, and live in a safe way?

If you do, and most of us do, it is probably because we need to refocus our eyes and hearts on the One. Nothing in this life can be more satisfying and really nothing could be more safe than to say God your will be done. The last sentence in chapter 7 says, “What matters is that we spend our lives”, not how much we have, where we live, or accomplish. I am glad that God didn’t play it safe and that Jesus spent all he had for this world and me.

God bring me closer to you no matter what it takes, keep me from unnecessary harm, and help me to live my life in the way that gives You most glory.

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