Date day with Elly

photo-17As most of you know Lara is super involved with our church’s preschool environment, Waumba. Today she took a road trip with some other staff and volunteers to a conference that will teach them how to better partner with families. So, today it was a date day with my girl, just me and Elly. We don’t spend to many days just me and her so this was a special time, for the both of us. We mainly ran errands, ate breakfast, laughed at each other, and cuddled. We had some really awesome conversations…well as good as they can be with a 10 month old baby. I thought they were pretty special talks.

I love spending one on one time with my children. I have to admit that sometime around mid-morning I did have the thought that I really need to get some work done, but by the grace of God I also had the thoughts of her growing up. Like when she is a teenager and other boys are the one she is smiling at, college years when she will leave me, and the day when someone else will be the love of her life. I quickly forgot about anything I thought needed to be doning and enjoyed my time spent with my baby girl. I never knew that there would ever be another girl, other than her mommy, that could capture my heart with just a smile. I love my Ellyana!!!

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