This one comes from one of my recent journal entries.

I have been struggling a lot lately and I feel like many others around me are fighting the same battle. Life as a Christ follower is not always easy and who ever has taught that it is, should be beat! Not really but I feel like I could do the job if someone said that to me today.

It has been one of those times in life when I feel like I suck at being or doing anything! Providing for my family, being excellent in ministry and making a difference, fathering, loving my wife effectively, planning for the future, not worrying and trusting God, taking the right steps, really I feel like I fail at everything some days. The bigger problem is that I find my self in these time trying to fix it or figure it out on my own. That is probably the last thing that I need to do! “Trust in the Lord…lean not on my own understanding(prov.3:5-6)” keeps ringing in my head. I know that it is no accident that that is the first bible verse that my mom taught me as a child.

Today Father, you allowed me to land on 2 Cor. 3:4-6 and I am so thankful!!!

vs.4, I CAN trust you Father because you have already proven your love and faithfulness to me through Jesus. There is no reason for me to not trust You, that is actually the only logical and rational thing to do.

vs. 5, This one hit me hard 3 days ago and I can’t get away from it. “I’m not sufficient for anything! But you are sufficient for everything and through you I can be sufficient no matter what comes my way. No matter what You are able and are the best answer to the equation.

vs. 6, Not only are you sufficient in my life but You chose to make me sufficient in ministry. Through you I am able, adequate, competent to be a minister of the Gospel(new covenant) that brings life. Now that is encouraging!

Father, help me to trust in and rely on You. You can, You are able, You are the best for me! I’m Yours and Your mine.

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