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Have you ever had those moments when you can not help but to recognize that God is real and alive? I am so glad that He blesses us with those moments ever now and then to remind us that He is here and near. I think of times when I have been blessed to see the sun rise on a roar river in the jungles or over the African plan. Amazing and astonishing moments in life always raises awareness of this awesome and beautiful God but what about those simple but powerful times in life.

I have had two moments recently that were simple but I could not help but to see God. One of them was a few weeks ago while we were enjoying one of our favorite things to do on Sunday evenings. Sitting on the front porch while the sun sets. The sounds of the guitar, laughter, and summer noises accompanied with small talk and a beautiful sky. What a moment! That is the picture of God’s people enjoying Him and community. Beautiful!

Another simple but powerful moment was one morning after family prayer time. Lara, Mac, Grey, and me were praying for good weather so we could go outside and enjoy the day at the beach because it looked like rain was coming. When we opened the door a few minutes later the sun was shinning bright and Mac walked out side and said something that I will never forget. With confidence he said, “Gloria a Dios!”. Which means “Glory to God!” He smiled and said,”Was that right daddy?” With a huge smile and joy bursting inside of me I told him that that was absolutely perfect!

Look for Him in the simple but amazing moments in today.

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