It’s Personal, part 2

I see how the Gospel, what Jesus did for all of us is deeply personal in Mark 15:6-15. He is the righteous one that was given for the unrighteous, us. This short but powerful scene of the gospel story, Jesus was still standing before Pilate. Pilate knew in his heart that Jesus was innocent and deserved to be released but he couldn’t follow his heart because he wanted to please the people. How many times do I do what others want me to do because I want to please them. Even when I know in my heart what the Father is telling me is the opposite.

Pilate thought that if he could show the people the difference between good and bad, righteous and unrighteous, or deserving and undeserving that they could truly see the truth. They couldn’t they were blinded by the enemy. Sound familiarto today’s society and even the American church today. We are so blinded by the stuff of life and wrong teachings, like the American dream, that we drowned out the truths of God. Pilate brought the worst of the worst and put him beside Jesus and told them to pick one man to release. The one who truly deserved to be set free and put to death the real criminal. To the amazement of Pilate they chose wrong and not just a little but drastically wrong. “Crucify Jesus!!!” Pilate said out loud and I guess confused and disgusted, “Why?! what evil has he done” But the people keep screaming “Crucify!” So, they let Barabbas, the bad guy go free and Jesus the innocent was killed in a brutal manner.

This is personal for each of us because we are the evil, guilty, and unrighteous sinners of all sinners and the Righteous One died for us. It’s personal because Jesus could have said, “no way I am not doing this I don’t deserve to have my “creation” treat me this unfairly! How about you try and pay for your own evil and wrong doings.” But He didn’t do that. He died unjustly because He loves Spanky, and you so much that He could not have thought of separation from us for all eternity. He was going to do whatever it took to love me and allow me to know Him in a real and personal way. The Gospel, the story of Jesus’ love is personal for you today!

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